Russian brides in Odessa choose Western grooms


According to many experts, Odessa is the world online capital of brides today. It works with more than 100 foreign marriage agencies, and the city is annually visited by up to 150 thousand foreign citizens. The vast majority of guests are aged men, who are interested in Ukraine, prefer our girls, because they are proud of their culinary skills and traditional values unlike Western women. They are finding photos of exotic beauties, who are dreaming of marriage, through a search engine. However, according to local experts, at least 30% of brides are sincere, others are adventuress who are only interested in money. The girls beg for money on tickets and visas, and then do not come. When men are arriving in Odessa, the bride sometimes does not look like on photos, but still want to visit restaurants, receive expensive gifts or rent apartments. Is this true that girls from Odessa only want to get money?

Why are Russian girls so popular?

Similar stories appear in the Western press not for the first time, but foreigners continue to look for the post-Soviet countries as a source of potential brides. Foreign bachelors often realize that they are attractive for Russian brides in Odessa because of the money or nationality, but they are ready to spend sprees to find good housewife, ready to give have a children. Their compatriots are not intended to do that. Many foreigners are inspired by the example of his friends and acquaintances, that is why they are looking for a sweetheart in Ukraine and Russia now.

Russian girls’ traits

More often Russian girls are seeking foreign grooms who have not found their brides among his compatriots. In practice, this means that they were rejected by their compatriots.

But if you look a little closer, Russian women who stop a galloping horse and entering into the burning house still remained in the past. This statement is applicable to their grandmothers.

It is not a secret that Russian girls and women are much more appealing than Western. Our girls are well-groomed. They look after themselves carefully and are constantly trying to be attractive.

Approximately one thousand of foreigners come to the sites of each of the top agencies per one day. Our girls have two advantages: they know how to look after the household and still be beautiful. Besides, our girls have more gentle nature.

Women opinion

There are a lot of dissatisfied women also, who have wasted several years on correspondence with candidates who ultimately decided not to develop a relationship with them or just silently disappeared in the online space. There is a feeling that international dating site contains only liars or or horny men. Somewhere in the subconscious they still have the faith that reality is different, that there is exists at least one good man being waiting for them. However, they are desperate and don’t even hope to find a potential groom.